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Shaping the evolution of CME
towards better outcomes

Ensuring that each patient receives the best treatment.
That was the common goal of the different stakeholders participating in ISSECAM’s international colloquium on the future of CME, held at the Antwerp ZOO on December 7, 2018.

How can we achieve this? What is the role of each stakeholder in this process? Experience the interesting lectures, fascinating discussions and great atmosphere here!

Thank you

Learning is fun!

That should have drawn your attention! Probably because fun is not something you readily associate with learning. But think about it: why would learning not be fun? Even more so: learning should be fun! This is not only my personal opinion, but also one of the intriguing results from the survey organised by ISSECAM.
This survey, filled in by 88 medical doctors from 33 different countries, focused on how physicians would want to learn. Younger medical doctors valued the fun-aspect in education significantly higher than their more senior colleagues. And right they are!

What else popped up in the survey? International guidelines and scientific journals, although highly appreciated by our more experienced doctors, no longer appeal to the newer generation. Not surprisingly, digital information sources, such as e-learning courses and decision support programs, are the new black for them. In fact, when looking into their crystal ball, the majority of the survey participants believe the future of CME is digital. And right they are!

Fun and digital. What other aspects are on the CME-wish list? The n°1 item on the list is applicability to their own patients. That shouldn’t be a surprise, I guess. Neither should be time-efficiency and the ability to do CME whenever and wherever it suits them. Early in the morning? Or late in the evening? On the toilet or in the bathtub? Why not! Wouldn’t it be great if we could invent a CME activity incorporating all these elements? But wait, such an activity already exists!
The PinPoint Case Platform sends out weekly patient-based cases to almost 1,500 professionals specialised in prostate cancer and LUTD. How would you treat poor Louis, a 67-year old volunteer at an animal shelter, diagnosed with cT2a prostate cancer? Or Hugo, a 75-year old retired police officer suffering from nocturia?

You can find out at https://ppcp.mirrorsmed.org/

Why should you attend?

In just one day, you can be part of shaping CME of the future together with key experts and stakeholders by:

  • Defining the ultimate goal of CME within healthcare
  • Exploring whether today’s CME programs serve their goal
  • Designing CME that brings research evidence quickly to clinical practice
  • Applying appropriate funding models of CME
  • Using e-technology in engaging healthcare professionals for CME and measuring its impact

Why sponsor?

You can be part of this exceptional opportunity to:

  • Interact with key experts and stakeholders
  • Contribute to productive discussions for improving CME
  • Put your company’s engagement toward independent CME in the spotlight prior and during this event

Organising committee

Martin Michel


Mark Speakman


Jaan Toelen


Bertrand Tombal



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